Danton BollerFrom birth through high school I slept above the room where my dad rehearsed with various rock cover bands. They were loud. Repetitive. Repetitive. Falling asleep nightly to 1980s top 40 hits would make anyone become a musician, right? Well, it made me able to sleep through anything,  dream about The Traveling Wilburys. Being able to wander downstairs to play drums, keyboards, and guitars was an amazing childhood gift, but not as significant as meeting one of the all time greatest bassists — “Senator” Eugene J. Wright. After years of listening only to rock, metal, and hip hop, I discovered jazz when I was 16. Knowing that “The Senator” had played with Sonny Stitt, Gene Amons, Art Blakey, Cal Tjader, and Dave Brubeck (and countless other legends), I was blown away when he offered to give me a lesson. This was the beginning of my life as an upright bassist, and a lasting friendship for which I will be eternally grateful.

A long time has passed since those good ole days of sleeping above a rock band rehearsal space, and that priceless youth prepared me not only to sleep through the din on planes and tour buses, but to value all forms of music and musicianship. I’m honored to have played with some of the greatest musicians in the world, in every genre — jazz, rock, alternative, afro beat, performance art.
– Danton

Bassist Danton Boller has made his mark on the NYC music scene since arriving in 1997. Mentored by legendary bassist, Eugene Wright, Danton brings musical depth with historical reference and a modern sensibility to every performance. 

Danton was a member of the Roy Hargrove Quintet and recorded two highly lauded records with the band – one of which was Grammy nominated. Danton is featured with the Roy Hargrove Quintet on the DVD release “Live at the New Morning.”

Danton’s versatility has led him to the stage with inimitable artists such as Taylor Mac, Alexi Murdoch, Fela! on Broadway, Elysian Fields, Joey Arias, Mx. Justin Vivian Bond, Matt Ray, Q Tip, Keller Williams, Robert Glasper, Jon Fishman, Bridget Everett, Seun Kuti, Rickie Lee Jones, Kat Edmonson, Patti Labelle, Mark Guiliana, Norah Jones, Willie Jones III, Greg Glassman, and Anthony Wilson.

Danton leads the NYC band “The Sides” — a progressive instrumental soundscape illuminating electro, avant-jazz, dub, afrobeat and rock and actively records and produces in his NYC studio. He co-produced Kat Edmonson’s critically acclaimed “Way Down Low” (Sony Records) and recently produced “FELA aKUsTIc” EP featuring Sahr Ngaujah (the lead of Broadway’s Fela!), released on the OKAY Africa label.