The Sides - Danton Boller - BassThe Sides were created when Danton Boller started composing and recording music with influences from rock to dub to electro to jazz to afrobeat to noise to classical to sounds from the future. Longtime musical collaborator Jeremy Wilms jumped on board in 2012 by engineering/co-producing the first studio tracking sessions for The Sides. In a move towards a more organic setup, the music and composing gradually departed from the use of computers to favor analog sounds and instruments. When Danton randomly ran into Shawn Baltazor at a late night NYC music club in 2014, The Sides had found the perfect mad scientist to play drums. The band often invites guests and collaborators from around the world to sit in on shows - most recently Oren Bloedow from Elysian Fields rocked the stage with the band. Stay tuned for the soon to be released new singles by The Sides.